Morang. At least 64 people have died in Urlabari of Morang district since the onset of the second wave of corona infection. 

According to the municipal health department, 43 men and 21 women have died since April.

According to Suresh Khadka, co-coordinator of the health department, 8 people died in April, 22 in May, 10 in June, 20 in July and 4 in August. 

According to him, Vada no. 3/7 of 11/11 persons, Ward no. 2 to 9 people, Ward no. 8/7 of 5, 6 and 8, Ward no. 4 out of 7 and Ward no. 2/2 of 1 and 9 have died. 

Despite the municipality's best efforts to control corona infection, the number of infections and deaths has not decreased. Mayor Khadga Phago says that one should be self-aware to avoid infection. 

Although the district administration and the municipality have taken steps to prevent the infection, the infection has increased due to negligence. 

Adherence to health standards, mandatory use of masks, sanitizers, physical distance can prevent infection, says Mayor Phago.