फरवार्ड मिडीया एन्ड रिसर्च सेन्टर प्रा.लि द्धारा सन्चालित

Itahari-8, Sunsari, Nepal.
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हाम्राे बारेमा

Saptakosionline is one of the most popular online news portal from eastern Part of Nepal owned by Forward media and reserch center  Pvt. Ltd. . It covers a wide range of issues including Local, National, international, Community, Political, Interviews,Horoscope ,literatures, Education, Sports ,Entertainment News & much more… It is the first online news portal from Eastern Part of Nepal located at Itahari-8, Sunsari.

There are over 3 Million Visitors from Nepal, US, UK, Europe, Malaysia, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Ireland, Bhutan, Japan, Kuwait, Korea, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Romania, Australia , Israel, Macau and much more… This news portal is also very popular within the Gurkha Community.

saptakoshionline  has no partisan in political affiliation. It seeks to present the well balanced news and offers a wide range of analysis and opinions. We specially focus to the news and views from communities.